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1. Introduction

Welcome to the ecommerce website. Using this website will make it easier for you to conduct transactions and interactions on through our customer service. In addition, by using this website you are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions. Following related to the existing requirements, it is expected to understand carefully and thoroughly.

Furthermore, if you understand the terms and do not accept and agree to the terms and conditions, it is welcome for you to not further access the website. Going forward, it is important that you know as a web user, that for terms and conditions that have been made can be subject to change without prior notice, it is necessary to always see updates through the website.

2. Term & Condition

2.1 Order Processing

The following is an order process that will assist you in making transactions on the website: Before you place an order, you must pass the payment first before passing the next step, which is delivery and in the shipment, we have the right to cancel or postpone your order if we fail to validate your payment if there are problems such as payment examples that have not yet entered into a virtual account bank account. us, the payment is not in accordance with the order, or the error of the i-Banking system so that it cannot be inspected, furthermore all orders that have been paid, cannot be canceled because it is in accordance with existing provisions and we always ensure that all items to be sent, have passed quality inspection (QC) beforehand, and it is well packaged when shipping.

2.2 Rules of Order Returns

Following are the rules of order returns that will help you make transactions on the website:

  • You have the right to return or exchange if the ordered goods are not suitable due to an error in the previous information
  • The order sent has been damaged
  • The maximum return of the order is about 3 days after the order arrives at the destination
  • The weight of the fabric in accordance with the initial weight of the fabric when purchased
  • The receipt of the original order is kept as evidence
  • The plastic and the order label are returned as they were received.

2.3 Prices and Payments

The following is attached information about prices and payments that will help you make transactions on the website: The price listed is the Indonesian Rupiah unit and shipping costs will be charged as an additional fee, where the fee will be clearly displayed on the 'Final Amount' and for payment can be made via Bank Transfer (via Midtrans) in the future for further information that Fasentro has the right change the price of the product on the basis of certain things, and if there is an error in pricing the product on the website, Fasentro has the right to reject incoming orders using the wrong price and will inform you of the correct price and make price improvements on the website.

2.4 Products and Photos Information

The following is attached information about products and photos that will help you make transactions on the website: We always try to provide you with the most accurate product information and color photos, but if the colors shown are slightly different this is due to lighting effects or your computer / monitor settings.

2.5 Shipping Regulations and Restrictions

The following is attached information regarding shipping regulations & restrictions that will assist you in making transactions on the website: Any complaints regarding shipping are the responsibility of the logistics company. Fasentro is not responsible and cannot change items or return money for the risk of loss of goods during the shipping process, because you have agreed to release our party for all claims and losses, because all will be borne by the parties related to the order delivery process by the logistics company and the next for the standard shipping rates we use is JNE Regular service (without insurance).

Please be aware that JNE only provides a maximum compensation of 10x the price of shipping as compensation for the replacement of lost items sent without insurance. You can request a special request from us to add insurance to the shipment and of course you will incur additional costs, further ensure that you has provided correct and complete delivery information (name, full address, cellphone number, and item name).

Please be aware that Fasentro is not responsible for lost / misplaced shipments because the name / address that was informed is wrong, you can directly contact the JNE office in your city to get information on lost items according to the location and telephone number of JNE branches in your city by using the link following:

2.6 Intellectual Property Information

The following is attached information about intellectual property information that will help you make transactions on the website: We are the sole owner or legal holder of all rights to the site and the content on the website. All contents on the Fasentro website including software and HTML are not permitted for use for any purpose.

Each User agrees not to copy, use, distribute, reproduce, or download all information, text, images, photos, logos, video recordings, directories, documents, databases on the site for any purpose, further you can only use fill in for editorial purposes by requesting written permission from us by sending an e-mail to our Customer Service and to the Site, Brands, Names, and related icons are registered trademarks and are protected by copyright laws which have intellectual property, therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use, change or install the brands mentioned above.

2.7 Confidentiality Information

The following is attached information about data confidentiality information that will help you make transactions on the website: We really appreciate and understand that privacy is very important to you. We ensure that all information that you submit to us in the buying and selling process at will be kept confidential, and will not be misused, or traded to third parties.

Furthermore, your data will only be used to complete the process of ordering, shipping, and processing sending new product information or promotions on and if you don't want to receive new product information or promotions on, you can unsubscribe or inform us via whatsapp, email and chat.